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Handmade Chocolates
est. 2006

We believe that a hand-made product is unique & memorable. Created with a connoisseurs passion infusing soul into each item, as each chocolate is carefully handled & monitored with individual detail. Hand-made supports our philosophy of treading lightly on natural resources, nurturing our environment by decreasing emissions and fossil fuels. A life of mindfulness and passion.

Nestled in the Hinterland of  Port Macquarie our handmade story begins...

A handmade chocolate recipe passed down from Baba to Babinka.

After travelling the world from Russia, to China, to Israel and back again, the recipe finally settled in Australia.

Laying dormant for many years, the recipe waited for Tash's fingers to find it. Hiding in a box filled with other recipes, once stumbled across, it didn't take Tash long to realise that what she had found was valuable.

"My mother used to make them for me as a child, and her mother the same, so I knew I had to make them for my daughter"...

Her daughter wasn't the only fan. Soon friends would stop by regularly to taste what Tash had reignited. The passion for her heritage was strong in this recipe, but something was missing, perhaps a part of her new heritage. From there the Native Australian range was born. Infusing the native flavours found and grown on the Mid North Coast, Tash soon found what she was looking for.

Taking her time to perfect her recipe and develop an image that would respect both of her heritages, Tash soon started selling her chocolates at locals markets.

It's no suprise that other people soon came to know "the chocolate lady" and sought her out wherever she went.


So now, even though the demand for her chocolates have grown, Tash still makes them all by hand. Thousands of chocolates a week are mixed, rolled, weighed, dipped and wrapped. Keeping true to her local area she still buys local ingredients and utilizes local suppliers.

So keep an eye out for the famous "chocolate lady" at Bago Vineyards, who is always happy to share her rich and delicious story.


baba doll right side.png

The inspiration behind the name "Baba Lila", Lila Topschij. Mother and Baba.

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